360 photography.

360 and VR Photography

360 Photography or sometimes call Virtual Reality (VR) is great for several use cases.  From indoor virtual tours to outdoor wide open areas, 360 photography can enhance your media with user interaction and surround display.

360 photos or Panos are often referred to as panoramas. A photographer creates a series of photos by taking a series of photos in a circle. After stitching the photos together, they then form a complete panorama. This stitching creates a spercial and interactive media giving the view a complete view of the 360 degrees surroundings. 

How we do 360 photos

As a 360/VR Photographer a simple 360 photo could be created with a series of 10 photos. A more complex 360 virtual tour could involve creating multiple photos and creating a unique 360 photo experience such as a walk-through or virtual tour. 

360 Photo Examples 

Walkway in Somerville New Jersey 

360 Interactive Photo

Fitness Facility in Flemington New Jersey


This year has seen the release of many consumer 360 cameras that are designed to take immersive photographs. These cameras are very user-friendly and are usually low-cost, however, the quality performed by a DLSR and a 360 Stich is far superior to any click and go 360 camera. 

360 Photography Uses:

Google virtual tour

A Google virtual tour is a simulation of your business that's attached to your Google Business listing. It uses the latest 360 and VR technology to provide a truly immersive experience.

Virtual tour 

A 360 virtual tour is a collection of rotating images that combine to form a full, 360 degree view of a specific location. The images are brought together through special technology. The user can customize their view by clicking on the thumbnail or dragging and dropping them

Google street view

Google Street View is a feature that features interactive panoramas of streets in the world. The service was launched in 2007 in several US cities. Most of the images are taken by car, but some are done by various means, such as a boat, a snowmobile, and an underwater apparatus.