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Headshot photographer for quality professional photos for your head shot and professional imagery for all your personal and business needs.


Head Shot Services and Head Shot Photography shoots 

    • Commecial Head Shots
    • Promotional Head Shots
    • Model Head Shots
    • Linkedin Head Shots
    • Business Head Shots
    • Artisit and Creative Head Shots
    • Acting Head Shots
    • Lawyer, Doctor, Realtor and Perfesional Execuitive Head Shots
    • Dating Head Shots
    • Author Head Shots 
    • Color Creative Head Shots

Head Shot/Portrait photo shoot in Hoboken New Jersey for a Magazine Cover Shot. 

What is a Head Shot? 

Simply a tight shot photo of a persons face from the shoulders up looking directly into the camera. Many times a Portrait and a Head Shot are used by many client as a general term and used interchangebly. 

What is the diffrence between a Head Shot and a Portrait? 

As just mentioned a Head Shot is a tight shot photo of the head shoulders up, where a Portrait has a broader range of possible senerios.  By definition a Portrait is a representatio of a person showing the face. 

A good example of what I feel a Portrait is, is a photo that tells more about a person then just their Head Shot. 

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