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Commercial Photography | Product, Food, Fashion, Advertising, Headshots, and E-Commerce 

Keeping the promotion of a brand in mind, commercial photography captures images used by businesses to sell products & or services for commercial purposes. Synonymous with corporate photography, both function to boost the profit line of the company.

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There is a distinction, however, between commercial photography and advertising. While both create visual images to improve the profit and success of a company, commercial photography solely focuses on the subject matter and how to present that subject through high quality images for a specific purpose. For advertising, the photographer captures the subject, looking to connect the subject to a specific audience, to tell a story through visual interpretation and create an emotional appeal or desire in the consumer.


"I find being a commercial photographer a personally rewarding adventure
as I work with businesses and corporations to achieve their vision."

Promote your products through Commercial Photography


Whether you are looking for photos to use in an advertisement or on your company website, we offer a wide array of commercial photography services to suit your business. These include product, advertising, conceptual, and food and beverage photography to name a few. Our primary goal is to uniquely position your brand in the mind of the observers via a single or series of photographs

Gallery of Commercial Photography Photos

Types of Commercial Photography

    • Corporate

      • If you are looking to promote a product or service, corporate photography can offer creative and high quality images to put your product and business in the “best light.”
        • Types: Corporate headshots, Event photography, Team photography, Office photography, Product photography, Environmental photography, Aerial photography, Industrial photography, Lifestyle photography, and Executive photography.
    • Product 

      • Product photography involves capturing images of products that are isolated from other sources and can be displayed on a website or placed in a physical form of marketing. The goal is to create images that will best market the product.
        • Types: Still-life photography, Studio photography, Lifestyle photography, Ghost mannequin photography, Packshot photography, E-commerce photography, Food photography, Jewelry photography, Industrial photography, White background photography.
    • Fashion 

      • Fashion photography revolves around the world of fashion. Whether it be for magazines, advertisements, or a runway, the focus is on the clothing, shoes, makeup, hair, etc
    • Food and Restaurant 

      • This type of photography works to provide a restaurant with images that represent their ‘taste’ and tempts prospective customers to visit.
    • Headshots

      • A professional headshot is a photo of the face, from the shoulders up. The subject is aware of the photo. Headshots are no longer just for acting. Companies prefer a photo that sells professionalism and expertise, all conveyed in this image.
    • Real Estate 

      • Photos of the property, home, and land, when done professionally, create a vision of the future for the prospective buyer.
    • E-Commerce 

      • E-Commerce photography, in the highest quality, can help the product get from being added to the online cart to being delivered to their door. With the increase in digital shopping, photos of items and how well they are represented is paramount to the sale.
    • Catalog and Brochures

      • Catalogs, used by many companies, function as the primary medium to introduce and promote the products. A visually appealing catalog chock full of stunning images, tells a story to potential customers.

Commercial Use Photos 

Almost all other categories of photography types could fall under commercial use as many photos are intended to sell something, for example, models often wear garments from designers or lifestyle bloggers as influencers intend to sell or promote specific brands.

For commercial use, you must provide a usage license. This is typically used for photos that are used in advertising or promoting a product or service.

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