commercial photography.

Commercial Photography 

Since commercial photography is about the end-use of photographs rather than their content, it can make for a varied interpretation. Commercial photography is used to promote and market a variety of products or services or simply any type of photography taken for the purpose of buying or selling products and/or services.   I find that sometimes the term Corporate Photography is often used to describe this type of photography. Corporate photography is a great way to promote a company. 

There is also the distinction between commercial and advertising. While commercial photography is focused on showing a product in its best light, advertising shots are more concerned with telling a story and creating an emotional appeal.

Being a commercial photographer is very rewarding and provides a great adventure for me, I personally enjoy working with businesses and corporations to achieve a specific look they are working towards.

Promote your products through Commercial Photography

Whether you are looking for photos to use in an advertisement or on your company website, we offer a wide array of commercial photography services to suit your business. These include product photography, advertising photography, conceptual photography, food and beverage photography, and much more. Our primary goal is to uniquely position your brand in the mind of the observers via a single or series of pictures.

Gallery of Commercial Photography Photos

Types of Commerical Photography

    • Corporate

      • Corporate photography is a type of content that's used to promote a company's products and services. If you are looking to promote a product or service, corporate photography can help you create images that are ideal to promote both your company and its brand.
    • Product 

      • Product photography is a type of photography that involves taking photos of products for commercial use and most of the time involves capturing images of products that are isolated from other sources and can be displayed on a website or placed in a physical form of marketing.
    • Fashion 

      • This genre of photography focuses on the display of various fashion items. Most of the time, fashion photography is used for advertisements or for magazines.
    • Food and Restaurant 

      • This type of photography is very challenging and often requires a lot of time and effort to complete. Most of the time, you'll have to capture the inside of a restaurant as well as the various menu items.
    • Headshots

      • A headshot is a photo of the face that's been cropped to make it look like it's being taken right in the camera. It's usually taken when the subject is aware of the camera.
    • Real Estate 

      • Real estate photography is done for houses and properties. It involves capturing the details of the inside and exterior of the houses. This helps minimize the time it takes to sell a home.
    • E-Commerce 

      • E-Commerce photography is often the reason why someone purchases a product. It is critical that you do it right. Your images should be of the highest quality to ensure that they are capturing the essence of your products.
    • Catalog and Brochures

      • Catalogs are used by many companies to promote their products. They can be the primary medium used to introduce their products. One of the most important elements of a catalog is to make it visually appealing to potential customers.

Commercial Use Photos 

Almost all other categories of photography types could fall under commercial use as many photos are intended to sell something, for example, models often wear garments from designers or lifestyle bloggers as influencers intend to sell or promote specific brands.

For commercial use, you must provide a usage license. This is typically used for photos that are used in advertising or promoting a product or service.

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