event photography.

Event Photographer
Photography Coverage for all types of events 

Event photography is among my favorite type of photography. People often know me as the guy holding a camera up 24/7. In fact, my wife once dressed up as me for Halloween snapping away with her prop. Everyone knew who she was!

For me, I feel most alive behind the lens, looking to snap that moment at time. It’s the thrill of the unknown.

Event photography offers me that challenge. Shuffling from a bodybuilding show to a street fair and then off to a fashion event is such an adrenaline rush.  Each event brings a different experience through location, venue, subject, or feel. This type of photography is so much more than posing and snapping. I am on the hunt searching and waiting for the raw and organic emotion of the moment, the candid and the unplanned. No two events are ever alike.

I pride myself on understanding each event, staying present in the day, and being at the ready. A verse comes to mind to represent how I feel…"I'm a million different people from one day to the next." 


It is essential to have a photographer that loves what they do and is as invested in the final product as much as you are. An experienced photographer can provide generational memoirs or the marketing material to set yourself apart from others. I’m confident that I have the edge and the dedication that you seek. 

Types of Events that I photograph