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Professional apparel clothing photographer for fashion images

Apparel clothing photographer quality professional experience for developing your apparel and clothing imagery for all your marketing and business needs.  

Apparel Photography Services and Apparel Photography Shoots

  • Fashion Photography
  • Tee Shirt Product Photography
  • E-commerce Clothing Store Photography
  • Mannequin Posed Clothing Photography
  • Retail Store Layout Photography
  • Posed Model Attire Photography
  • Multiple View Layout Photography
  • Look Book Layout Photography
  • Onsite Apparel Photoshoots 
  • Online Store Integration
  • Ecommerce Product Photography

Apparel Fashion Photos Shoot Video in Hoboken New Jersey

With the 24/7 availability of our team of professional apparel product photographers

We will capture the highest possible quality stunning still images of your product photography for catalogs, web-designs, posters, magazines or newspaper ads, etc.

Clothing Photography

Clothing may show well on mannequins or possibly laid out on a table or shelf, most of the time selecting a few models for a shoot would be the best choice to show case your clothing line for creating product images. We nicely fold the garment when showcased on shelfs and ensure the garnet is free of wrinkles. Similar to what how you would see clothing displayed in a retail store. 

Clothing Company Photography

Having an apparel or clothing company online may call for a weekly or monthly photo shoot for the latest fashion trends and will need more updates of clothing and apparel items. 

Our photo focus is on outerwear clothing especially garments and attire pretty much anything that decorates or covers your clothing or enhances your outfit or wardrobe. 

Alot of times the photos alone of a piece of clothing can determine if the product is sold online or not.  Preparation of the garment is always the first step in ensuring that the photo comes out perfect, we make sure eveyrthing is done right. 

To capture the best photo, we make sure everything is captured as best as possible from the beginning, trying to clean up an image in post is usually a task that does not make the photo top level.

We try to capture the piece of apparel or clothing next to its perfect position right out of camera using the correct lighting and positioning of the garment or accessories. 

Our studio is set up for apparel photography in many forms with both male and female mannequins with fixed tripods and studio professional lighting that can not be duplicated to ensure the hightest quality apparel product photos. 

Backdrops are a common feature in apparel photography, and a lot of times for eCommerce apparel sites white is the chosen color. 

With our apparel photography process images are top grade and resolution for use for your website to a billboard.

Types of Apparel Photography Products 

  • Jewelry Product Photography
  • Handbag, Purse, and Wallet Product Photography
  • Accessory Photography 
  • Footwear, Shoes, Sneakers, Boots, High Heals, Slippers, Flip Flops, Sandles, and all types of Footwear Product Photography
  • Painting and Creative works Photography
  • Beauty, Cosmetic, Perfume, Cologne, Lipstick, Makeup, and all Beauty type Photography

Apparel Product Photography For Your Business

Showcasing your business Apparel using Apparel Photography by Erik Renninger will help your business grow.

The best Apparel Photography images are captured directly from your products within our studio environment.

We consistently update our photography inventory with the latest equipment to offer consistently effective, brilliant and vibrant apparel and clothing product images within a short period of time, for a price that best fits your budget.

Apparel Photography FAQ

How do you light Apparel?  We use a number of flashes, diffusers, white boxes, constant lights, tripods, and reflectors to create the perfect photo.  Elements such as white balance are set to custom levels that are most sutable to ensure the white of the photos are a perfect white allowing your apparel product photos to pop off the screen.

How are Apparel products posed? Pending the type of Apparel Photography you are in need up we have several ways to display, prop, and illustrate your Apparel Products.  From mannequins and models to props, springs, and spinning and gliding tables. 

What Camera Settings do you use? 
Depending on what type of look we are going for, the light sources, close up or full body, seveal itemes may be changed with the lighting kit to achieve a number of looks.  F11 for oveall clairity and definition, f8 is usually good all around setting while using flash photography, and f2 or less for blurring out the background known as Bokeh. 

Common related questinos. How to photograph Clothing, Hot to take pictuers of clothes without mannequin, How to take pictures of clothes to sell online? 

If you need any apparel photography clarifications, please contact us!