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NJ Wedding Photographer 

Finding a wedding photographer is usually not a hard task, finding a wedding photographer you can count on and trust to deliver a top of the line product is most likely not an easy thing to do and why I feel its important to create relationships with the people I work with.  A good idea is to have a pre-wedding shoot to get familiar with the type of photography I am able to offer.  Sometimes I can do a preliminary photoshoot for the engagement announcement as a good test run.  I great ad on to my wedding photography service is that I also do video. 

Wedding Photography and Videography Services Available in NJ

Video services are a great addition to a wedding photography package as I am able to do both.  I've done alot of work with film and short movies and well experienced with creating videos and video content.  I'm a great solution where you would like some add on Video clips but don't want to spend for a full-blown videographer, also a service I can provide on larger scale needs but when it is just myself and 1 assistance, having video capabilities really does ad to the days captured content. 

Wedding Photographer for your special day 

Typical Types of Photos captured during your Wedding Day

Pre Wedding Photos 

 Wedding  Guest Arriving  Wedding Bride with Bridesmaid  Wedding Groom with Groomsmen Close-ups and detail shots
 Flash mobile studio portraits Establishing Shots of  Wedding Venue Bride Arrival Groom Arrival

Wedding Day Portraits

 Bride Groom Bride and Groom Bride with Maid of Honor
 Bride with Bridesmaids Bride with her Parents Groom with Best Man Groom with all Groomsmen
 Groom with his parents Ring Bearer Flower Girl  Entire Wedding Party 
Bride with Mother Bride with Father Bride with both Mothers Bride with Both Fathers
Bride and Groom with Brides Parents Bride and Groom with Grooms Parents Bride with Brothers/Sisters Groom with Brothers/Sisters
Bride and Groom with both Sets of Parents Bride and Groom with Grandparents Groom with Mother Groom with Fater

Wedding Ceremony Photos

 Wedding Guest Arriving Bride and Bridal  Wedding Party Arrival Aisle Walks of all Participants  Wedding Dress Details
 Grooms Expression with Bride Arrival Bride and Father Give Away  Wedding Wide Ceremony Over Shoulder Bride Groom
 Hand Holding Alter and/or Canopy Close-ups  Wedding  Ushers
 Wedding  Flower Girl   Wedding  Ring Bearer Groom Walking Down  Wedding Faces of Audience
 Wedding Vows  Wedding  Ring Exchange The Kiss  Leaving the  Wedding  Ceremony

Wedding Reception Photos

Announcement of Bridal Party First Dance Dance Mother/Father  Wedding Head Table
 Wedding Reception Interaction  Wedding  Guests  Wedding  Speeches  Wedding Cake
 Wedding Dancing Special Events/Ceremony  Wedding Closing Remarks Leaving Wedding

Questions about Wedding Photography

  • What is your type of wedding photo style?

    • I have an adaptable style that can offer several types of looks or a blended photo set. From my wide experience set, I bring a unique ability to provide photos that are traditional and unique, the photo set produced will have options for all styles for you to choose from.
  • Are the photos edited or retouched? 

    • Many photos are cropped or aligned to balance the photos and balanced for brightness or shadows to enhance the photo.  Retouching can be done on specific photos that are chosen. 
  • Do you shoot video?

    •  Yes, however, photography is my focus on the day and/or any specific video requests if it is just me if I have an assistant then the full video can be captured. 
  • How are the wedding photos delivered?

    •  I can be flexible to your requests with online with a specific content library, thumb drive, or cd/dvd. 

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