NJ Balloon Festival - Solberg Airport Readington NJ

The New Jersey Festival of Ballooning

Footage from The New Jersey Festival of Ballooning from 2022. This year a number of attempts for balloon ascension were made during the weekend. Friday during the day the balloons were able to get up in the air, however, Friday night the winds were too high and a number of the specialty balloons were inflated for a short period of time.  

New Jersey Balloon Festival at the Solberg Airport in Readington New Jersey. 

It was Friday night July 23rd 2021, and the runway of Solberg Airport in Hunterdon County New Jersey was packing in. 

Hot Air Balloon teams were getting ready to roll 

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Studio Photo Shoot 1/2 Day $1000

Studio Photos Shoot

A half day of photos for any and all types of photoshoots. You will not find a better deal or professional around.  Your 1/2 day will consist of as many poses and outfits or looks as you desire.  The entire time will be dedicated to you, from the time you show up till the time you leave, the 1/2 day will be dedicated to you. 

Fully processed images and formatted for social media. The process is simple, show up and have moths of content created in addition to marketing and social media advice.

What's the difference? 

Its simple, most photographers only do photography.  Myself, includes video, commercial, marketing, social, and SEO.  What is SEO? Check it out.

Many say they know these topics but do not have 25 years in NYC to back it up.  

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Commercial Photography for Magazine Cover

What is Commercial Photography? Photos are taken for commercial use, and a magazine cover and center spread is a great example and definition of a type of commercial photography

Many times large opportunities come up for your business, art, or life that will be on display at large scale.  It could be for an advertisement, announcement, or article, and the "money shot" is needed.  When we need this type of commercial photography attention to every single detail is most important and every step is taken to ensure a successful photoshoot. 

Commercial Photography Process

An initial interview will be conducted to ensure that all needs are met for your photo.  From location and wardrobe to placement and use we cover everything we can to prepare for the day.

On the actual day of the shoot, an onsite laptop will be used to dial in the photo to exact needs and tweak as needed, in addition to seeing how the photo will look in its final layout. 

Video of Commercial Photography Photos Shoot 

The Cover Shot with Saphyre Inc shows a behind the scenes footage of some of the elements of a photo shoot on location  

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Photography | The Way I do it...


What word, what is it? Its a general word? No, its your definition of it? Wait, thats not what I think it is...

Photography to me is my own definition as I'm sure that everyone except me has my definition of photography, and that in it self is where we all start. 

At this point in 2020 pretty sure that each person in America has more photo-taking devices then themselves? Thats the truth one way or another. 

In days where I'm in mile 7 of an 8 mile Sunday run I think to myself, I mean seriously talk about a competitive market everyone in this country has a device with a filter created by someone who knows what the Fu%k they are doing? 

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I had to look this word up today....
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Welcome to the official writings of Erik Renninger

 Topics are wide and all over the place but a centralized space for my mind poured out by the keyboard...check back soon, subscribe, hit buttons, come back. 

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