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What word, what is it? Its a general word? No, its your definition of it? Wait, thats not what I think it is...

Photography to me is my own definition as I'm sure that everyone except me has my definition of photography, and that in it self is where we all start. 

At this point in 2020 pretty sure that each person in America has more photo-taking devices then themselves? Thats the truth one way or another. 

In days where I'm in mile 7 of an 8 mile Sunday run I think to myself, I mean seriously talk about a competitive market everyone in this country has a device with a filter created by someone who knows what the Fu%k they are doing? 

Now that the stage is set. 

What makes one photographer better than another? Is it their skill? Their gear? Their eye? Their money?.....how about their Access...who they know, how they carry themself? Can they party? on and on and anyone's game....

Well be all that it may....I belive like a sport I love Racing...skill is earned by number of attempts taken in this game...

Now that we are here, and you understand, here is the way I do it. I put it together, I execute it, and then I display it regardless of how I feel about it, to solely receive the feedback, is it my best work? Is it perfect? Is it better than....not important. 

Put it out there, see it, see it out there....have it judged..have it vulnerable...0 views? See, observe, improve...

The point, straight to it in the end, is to put it out.  Where it is, is exactly where it is. A place to lock in where exactly you are, when its put down  you have a place judge upon, otherwise, it remains a figment...

Now that it is out there, a place to look back upon, progress, progression, appreciation, and satisfaction can be fully achieved. Better or worse having it out there, to me, is the only way to grow, thats a FACT. 





Commercial Photography for Magazine Cover


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Wednesday, 01 February 2023